becky + paul >>> engaged

I don’t need your words
Yeah love ain’t a thing
Love is a verb
John Mayer >>> Love is a Verb
It was a mildly warm sunset, and the breeze that cooled the mountain air didn’t quite make it into the muggy little valley. I’d just met these two for the first time, and I was also meeting the photographer with whom I’ll be shooting their wedding in July. Believe me… my palms were sweating.
But I didn’t need to be nervous about anything.
Guys, meet Becky and Paul.
They met during college – spring break, I think. Something about him crashing the girl’s party and eating an entire chicken by himself. When Becky later told one of her girlfriends who she was going to marry, the girlfriend remembered Paul. “You’re gonna marry the chicken guy!?”
They both laughed the whole time she was telling the story. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This beautiful woman is marrying the chicken guy!!
In fact…. they pretty much laughed the whole time.
Awwww, guys, guys. So much cute in one picture. Stop.
They’re so carefree and fun – it was such a blast seeing them together!!
She’s a perfect preppy, little, sweet country blonde to his big, tough, smiling football player dude. And they’re getting marrrrieeed.
I love this b+w series right here.
Can I get a holla for some good ol’ country scenery… a fence complete with splinters, I’m sure.
Ahhh, Becky and Paul. You guys are so awesome! I can only imagine how much fun your wedding is going to be – so excited for the chance to watch you share your lives together!




    1. Nope, I don't use vsco but I WISH I had it!! I just use my own variations on a lightroom preset I downloaded a few years ago and have been tweaking ever since. 😀

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