BECKY + PAUL [spokane, WA]

“I think about the stars in the sky
funny how a melody // sounds like a memory
like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night // Springsteen…”
Eric Church >>> Springsteen
July? Ummm July was a while ago. But July brought – along with mosquitoes, lake days, heat, ice cream, and those wonderful summer things I’m REALLY thinking of in this January chill… ANYWAY. In July, Becky and Paul got married (remember their engagement session?). It was a stunningly warm afternoon – but they had the most epic iced cucumber-infused water and pink lemonade so I was one happy photographer chick.
Plus, I was second-shooting a beautiful wedding. It was a highlight of my summer.

Becky and Paul… thank you so much for letting me be a part of your big day. Because it was big. And lovely. You kids are just so in love and it just made my heart happy. 

Becky was just a princess on her wedding day. She couldn’t stop smiling and looked *absolutely* gorgeous. 


Paul was looking pretty dapper himself. Showing a little school rivalry/pride. College sweethearts from two different schools… it must get pretty interesting during football season!

First time I ever shot a first look… oh goodness.
Be still, my heart. 

It was picture-perfect precious. 

And then it was time for the ceremony. Becky came down the stairs… “I’m… getting MARRRRIED!!”
The princess inside couldn’t wait to kiss her man. 

SO much Daddy-loving. She’s a Daddy’s girl, through and through… and quite honestly, a real tear-jerker. C’mon!

Heyyyylo, Mr. And Mrs. Senescall!! 

Ladies and gentlemen, behold… the cutest/happiest couple in literally forever. 

And as that golden sunlight (that makes a photographer’s heart skip a beat) fell, we headed to photograph the happy couple in one of my favorite locations of the summer. 

ohhhh say you can see why I enjoyed shooting this wedding so much?!

First dance… alwayssssss works magic.
Maybe that means I cry a little bit inside.
And a *little* bit outside. 

But MORE on the outside at the daddy-daughter dance. His little princess was married. And this big, tough daddy-dude couldn’t find it in himself to completely let her go. It’s a beautiful thing.

Happy wedding, yes? Gorgeous couple? I think so. Wayyy overdue post? Um yeah maybe a little. But they were so in love and it was such a perfect day.

Worth the wait? That’s your call.




  1. ahhhhhhhhhh, these are so good. my goodness. i wanna take pictures like you do. 😉 but no, really. these are fantastic!!! you captured the joy in their faces so perfectly, and just everything. it's exquisite. i am literally squealing inside. {i'm just a tad bit romantic at heart. hopelessly so.}

    these are gooorgeous, Hannah. love these. *sniff*

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