Heather & Joseph: Married [Juptier Beach, FL]

You don’t know the meaning of “hot” until you’ve worn a wedding dress (or Army dress uniform!) in FLORIDA in AUGUST.

Last summer, Heather and Joseph got married in the church she grew up in. Thankfully, that church had air conditioning!! *praise Jesus* But after the ceremony, we headed to the most beautiful, Spanish-moss-covered, swampy park for some photos with the entire wedding party. It was insanely warm, but sooooo very beautiful.

And THEN, believe it or not: after fortifying ourselves with cake at the reception, this adventurous couple and I shot bride and groom portraits on the beach at 3 p.m. Yes, guys. It was boiling. You can’t tell from the pictures, but Joseph was probably *this* close to passing out from heat exhaustion by that point! (don’t worry, I didn’t let either of them perish… and they have the loveliest beach portraits to show for it: anybody up for more beach weddings, because I’m totally down)

Now the Army has taken them away from Florida, and Lord knows where it’ll take them next. But I know that wherever it is… this couple is down for the adventure!

Cheers (and happy almost-one-year anniversary), Heather + Joseph! You guys are AWESOME.

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