Jess + Joe [Shedd, OR] PART TWO

Once upon a time… I finished something I started: part two of Joe and Jess’ beautiful, simple Oregon countryside wedding. And that day is today: yay! (I’m a regular Dr. Seuss…)

Part One here —>>

This seemingly-abandoned grange worked perfectly for couples portraits… and thankfully, even the bees stayed away (not 100% sure we weren’t trespassing).

Guys, if you’re not sure whether or not to get her ring engraved without telling her: DO IT. Just do it.

The pastor of the little church where they got married also (a) lived on the church property (so cute) and (b) was the station chief of the fire house not 100 yards down the road.

And this was PERFECT: because my brother is a firefighter, so we HAD to involve the trucks in the wedding *somehow.*

This one had my name written ALL OVER IT. You can’t see it, but it’s there. “h-a-n-n-a-h: eat me.”

Kind of weird to be related to literally 75% of the people at the wedding…




Ladies, EVERY bride should be THIS excited about her cake.

adslfiuaweliufhalehfal iqwu iausdhk ajhwe lkfjadshl kjahdsfl a.

Such a handsome best man. *swoons* (PS: that’s my husband, in case you’re new here)

MODEL BREAK: little sister. UM when did she get so statuesque?! (is that even how you spell it?)

First dance GOALS: As Time Goes By.

literally timeless.

And just like being excited about wedding cake: don’t be afraid to blow bubbles, even if you’re a grown man.

Her Grandpa was the BEST: Joe and Jess were pulling balloons out one side of the truck, and he just kept stuffing them in the other side!

This truck has a story:

First off, it’s super old (obviously).

But even BETTER: three of the four kids in Jess’ family used it as their getaway car!

And now, to add to the story…

It wouldn’t start for Joe. So what better way to start your honeymoon than having your brand-new father-in-law climb into the cab without to coax the old Ford to life?

I love the part where I steal away in a different car and meet the couple for portraits… and nobody else knows.

Well, HELLO, Nicholas Sparks movie cover. <3

heart heart heart heart heart

You guyssss. There are no more words. Which is probably a good thing…

I love you two and being not only your wedding photographer but also you SISTER (*cheers*) is just a bigger blessing than I can handle. Yay to life and love and here’s to more.


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