Jess + Joe [Shedd, OR wedding] PART ONE

the telephone call
that tied up the line for hours and hours
the Saturday dance I got up the nerve
to send you some flowers
[PERRY COMO, “Magic Moments” – also their recessional song (they literally skipped down the aisle), true story]

Cutest. Couple. EVER.

Longest. Wedding. Post. EVER.
so I split it up into two: part two coming later… because Starbucks wifi isn’t cutting it for the upload. 

DISCLAIMER: I am *incredibly* biased, because this was my brother’s wedding… and this is my NEW SISTER IN LAW!!

Joe and Jess got the chance to come back up to the PNW and visit a few weeks after their wedding, and it felt so awesome to be able to hang out with my brother and HIS WIFE (still so weird). Such a blessing. And it felt like it had been this way forever. She completed him. And she belongs.

But FIRST: rewind to that weekend in June when the sun came out for the first time in days (not an exaggeration) and Joe and Jess said “I do” in front of a quaint Oregon country church. Literally all the details were SO them, so classy, and so cute.

I could write comments the WHOLE TIME but… I’m overcome with cute.

PS: huge huge huge props to my amazing second shooter, Amber from Huckleberry Lane. I’m honestly not sure which photos of hers I’ve included in this post, so I’ll just give her a shout-out now. *shout*

She wrote him a letter that morning. *heart eyes*

He read it at their first look. *MOAR heart eyes*

He got her this necklace (picked it out all by himself because he was raised right), and she wore it to get ready. My Mom had duplicated it with large wooden letters the night before, at their rehearsal dinner.

THESE are the details I’m talking about!

HUGE deep breath of classiness.

Bridesmaid reaction goals ^^^

You wouldn’t know it, but this poor dude came down with a HORRIBLE cold the morning of his wedding. He handled it like a trooper.


And this was just the first of many times I cried during his wedding. I NEVER cry at weddings – not even my own. But my big brother’s wedding was a whole different ballgame!

I’d used this same song for the bridesmaids at my wedding — I just love the title.
It’s so perfectly what a marriage is.

You’re never too old to have your Mom help put your boutonnière on.

And this is where I cried for the second time…

PS: those are my adorable nieces.

Tell me this isn’t straight outta Anne of Green Gables.

YES, that’s the getaway car. Stay tuned.

They wrote their own vows.

Of course.

When the best man (aka your hubs) can’t find the rings…

We gained a sister! (just missing the one sister who had just had her babbbyyy)

This ring shot is one of my favorite images at a wedding!

Then the guys saw it and got jealous…


It’s quite complicated.

Me and Mason are married.
Joe and Jess are married – Joe’s my brother.
Caleb and Hannah-in-black are getting married this weekend – Caleb is Jess’ brother.
Emily and Matt are married – Emily is Hannah-in-black’s sister and Matt is Caleb and Jess’ cousin.


All these guys were cute little bachelors who used to hang out and hike and shoot and goof off together. And in just about a week, they’ll all be married! To all of us lovely ladies. =)

When you’re reveling in being the center of attention and you suddenly realized you’re being photographed…

This little ham…

Sorry about the kid-photo overload: they’re my nieces and nephews and I love them all to pieces!

Not gonna lie: Steven (left of Joe) is groomsman-bouquet-holding goals.

And come back later for….

Cake photos… (I mean)
The adorable first dance…
And that time the father of the bride climbed into the getaway car (it really happened).



  1. Love this selection of photos and your comments, Hannah! You (and Amber) captured the essence of the day so beautifully! A truly magical moment in time we won’t forget, thanks to you!

  2. Wow these wedding photos are stunning!! When I get married (still a big if at this point) I’m totally hiring you girl. Your style is just what I love. Also, your family is totally adorable and lovely. I used to go to church with the one cousin/bridesmaid Abby many years ago in Northern CA. I would run at the same events with her parents occasionally too 🙂

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