KARI + RYAN [pensacola beach, FL]

’cause all of me loves all of you
love your curves and all your edges; all your perfect imperfections
give your all to me – I’ll give my all to you
you’re my end and my beginning…
John Legend >> All of Me
Not much gets more precious that these two. Kari and Ryan are college sweethearts that I had the privilege of photographing last semester. But more than a client – Kari is an amazing friend and coworker. A gorgeous girl – full of God, and grace, and laughter. She’s been an inspiration, encouragement, and more. She’s also got a *very* special place in my heart because she’s one of my 2015 brides! *happy dance*
Guys, I love watching you two together. It was absolutely PRECIOUS and a highlight of my semester. You make me just love my job all the more. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon (oh, and for Taco Bell, of course!). Kari, I can’t wait to see you at school in a few short weeks! Talking about your upcoming wedding gets me so excited and I can’t wait to go over details with you. =)
Check out the perfection level in that ring – so. very. high.
Her eyes are just SO FULL of happiness and overflowing with joy – especially when she’s with her man.
Oh, darlings.
Yeah, this famous picture made it into the header on my blog… 😉
Okay, you two. I think we all agree that you can calm down on the cute, because it’s just too much for our happy hearts to handle. You’re definitely the real thing – a real definition of love and the perfect example of joy.




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