LINDSAY + DEREK [spokane, WA]

“baby, if I had to choose my best day ever
my finest hour, my wildest dream come true
mine would be you”
blake shelton >>> mine would be you

One hot, sun-soaked Eastern Washington August evening, Lindsay and Derek celebrated marriage. This was a sweethearts-that-always-belonged-together celebration. They knew each other by heart and gathered on the side of a mountain with their favorite friends and family to laugh, cry happy tears, and be married. It was a peaceful, soft day, Lindsay was beautiful, Derek couldn’t stop smiling, and I was there to watch. It’s manymanymanymany months later and I’m finally getting around to blogging their gorgeous day… and enjoying re-living it.

It was my last wedding of the summer, and as I drove through the high fields north of Spokane, I was very grateful for my GPS. Kinda. If it hadn’t taken me the back way in the first place, I wouldn’t have headed down so many dirt roads and questioned technology so much… but eventually, the dusty one-lane curved to an end in the magnificent driveway of a winery. Wow… didn’t see that one coming out of nowhere.

It was a beautifully shady, moss-covered oasis on that dry afternoon. Somewhere or another, Lindsay and Derek had found this Italian-villa-palace thing in our small, rocky city. I wished I could slip into my fake Italian accent. I was looking for spaghetti somewhere, but no luck there. Juuuust kidding… but it was gorgeous and just like a picture from the side of a Mediterranean mountain.

And speaking of gorgeous… Lindsay and her girls were knock-your-socks-off lovely.

It wasn’t long before I headed downstairs to shoot some pictures of the guys getting ready. It still makes me kinda nervous to photograph nervous grooms and their buddies. They’re jumpy and giddy and most of the guys can’t stop teasing (and hitting on) the single-girl-photographer.

But this group of gentlemen was one of the sweetest I’ve ever encountered. They were hyper, but extremely obliging. They didn’t offer me a drink… sorry, I’m underage and, yeah, I’m shooting this wedding at this winery, see… Just kidding.

But seriously, they were the nicest guys I’ve ever photographed at a wedding. You go, guys – thanks for being real and sweet and just over-the-moon happy for Derek. He couldn’t have asked for better men to spend the day with.

Oh, I forgot to mention! At the top of the hill, overlooking the dusty valley, was the “getting-ready” room. It was high in the corner of a tower, gorgeous light spilling in and a gang of beautiful bridesmaids all spread out, tying on gray-ribbon necklaces and sharing perfume with each other. It was princess-picture-perfect.

And gosh, was she EVER a princess!

 A few minutes before their first look, Derek and Lindsay exchanged letters via messenger (me!). Their faces? Absolutely priceless.

Another thing about being a second-shooter… I’m super handy for a lot of things. Flowers come? Hey, Hannah! Can you run down and take the guys their boutonnieres and bring the bouquets up here? And then, Which ones are for the best man and groom… and which ones are for the groomsmen? Uhhh… the ones that are different. Bigger. I don’t know!

Also, I can put on my resume that I am now an expert boutonniere-pinner-onner.

This first look was *precious.* In a way, being second shooter kinda stinks because you don’t get first pick for the best shot, but that’s okay by me… I like sneaking up the back and finding those hidden shots that don’t get seen right away. Score.

And then, the ceremony.

Best. Moment. Of. Every. Wedding. Day.

When he first sees her coming down the aisle. Ohhhh mah soul.

Mister Derek, you got yourself one beauuuuutiful Mrs. Lindsay. 

Just sayin.

And after the ceremony was over and the first wave of reception-wildness had blown over, we headed down to the fading light in the vineyard to shoot portraits.

Not gonna lie, this. THIS. was on my photographer-bucket-list.

Shooting in a vineyard. I forgot to include the “at sunset” on my bucket list… but it just made it THAT much more magical.

Mmmm, love me some good mountain sunshine.

And yup, I teared up at the daddy-daughter dance. Again. 
As always.

My poor Dad… I cry so much when I’m just SHOOTING them… I’ll be a puddle of happy tears when my turn comes. I’ll probably step over all the toes on his two left feet… wow. What awesome pictures THAT will make. Lindsay and her Daddy managed to keep this one together pretty well. 

But that last Daddy hug. BAWL.

Lindsay and Derek. Awwww… I can’t think of your hot summer wedding without smiling. You two were nothing but gracious, kind, and the perfect end to my summer of shooting. Thanks for letting me be a part of your oh-so-special day!! 



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