MULTIPLIED: counting blessings from a –> z

“may this offering stretch across the skies
these Hallelujahs be multiplied” [needtobreathe]

Counting blessings changed my life. Or, rather, cultivating gratefulness changed my life. My senior year of high school, I read Ann Voskamp’s incredible book, One Thousand Gifts (and really, I could ramble on this topic for-literally-ever). To make a long story short, she draws a distinct parallel in that book between thankfulness and joy – something involving Greek words (just read the book). Regardless, that book sent me on a journey I hope I never end. I started counting my blessings. My goal for that next year was to list one thousand things I was grateful for. That’s an average of three things each day. I hit one thousand sometime in June – way before my December 31 goal – because the blessings just kept multiplying. I couldn’t keep it to three. I remember some days filling up whole pages of things I could praise God for.
I began noticing things I’d never noticed before. I genuinely believe it made me into a better person – a better Christ-seeker, a better friend, a more optimistic woman, a detail-oriented person, a better musician, and a more conscientious photographer. So I haven’t stopped. I don’t write them down every day any more (though I should!), but gratefulness is all about cultivating a heart of thankfulness and joy. Everyone who knows me knows I love laughing and I can’t stop smiling and I’m optimistic to a fault. I’m not saying I’m always happy; however, I’ve definitely been given a glimpse of a God Who can give true, deep joy… and I’m not planning on letting go.
A few years ago, I did a Thanksgiving post on things I was grateful for. I challenge you: go through the alphabet and list at least ONE thing for each of the 26 letters. It’ll be like those potato chips, I guarantee it. Bet you can’t list “just one.”
I’m ALIVE (k, we can stop there and I’m happy).
  Air to breathe, adventures that just happen. Airports, Asian food – particularly both at the same time (tradition).
Blue sky, the beach (dur), back rubs. Bookstores. Brown eyes… and his blue eyes, too.
A clean room, a chilly breeze, a second chances. Colors, counting stars. A God Who is CONSTANT.
And a God Who is DEPENDABLE. Dreams, drive-through coffee, dancing.
Encouragement, eyesight, exploring.
My precious family, my freedom, my faith. And foggy mornings.
GRACE. Oh, we could dwell here for ages. God’s grace is literally my favorite thing about Him. Plus the Gospel.
And then there’s lots of awesome food that starts with G… gelato (amen?!), guacamole, green leaf lettuce.
Healing and hope. Hiking. Being heard. Holding hands.
Iced coffee, “I love you,” imagination.
Jesus time. Joy. July heat (I adore summer).
A God Who KNOWS. Sailor’s knots. Kittens, kitchens – kitchens… this is where the love happens and a home comes alive.
Laughing. Long distance – even though it’s hard, it is so worth it. Fresh laundry. Lime coke, lime juice on tacos, leaves.
Mason – my incredible man. Mountains, maps, mochas.
New experiences. “NOTHING can separate me from the love of Jesus.” Having my needs met
…over and above all I could ask or think. The open road, oven-fresh cinnamon rolls, outdoors.
Pockets, pillows, prayer, ponytails, the Prison Epistles (Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon)
Quality time, quiet mornings.
And quinoa – cause what other food starts with q and is so amazing?
Redemption, running, reading, runways.
Sunsets, songs that get stuck in your head, salt water, swimming, sass, siblings, snuggles.
The word “together“, the ability to try, tan lines, “He has made all things beautiful in His time, tomorrows.
A God Who understands, unsweet tea, being underwater.
Verbs. I love verbs. Vacations, vitamin D, playing violin.
Salty waves, winding roads, windows down, waking up, His Word,
xoxo – kisses, of course!
Next year, this year, last year. “Yes.” Yoga pants, Greek yogurt.
Can we go with things that have Z in them? Like… fizz. Pizza. Puzzles. HUGZ. Okay, I know that’s not a thing. Oh, but there IS chocolate zucchini bread with extra chocolate chips.
—> Now it’s your turn! 
What are some things you’re grateful for?
PS – I went back and read the list from a few years back, and I noticed that, with a few exceptions, most of the things I listed are different. Isn’t that testimony to an amazing God? His mercies are new every morning – His blessings are new every day. Great is His faithfulness!

PS2 – look at that: 112… instead of just 26.
It’s amazing to watch God multiply!


  1. I remember being super inspired when you did your first a-z thankfulness post. How I adore writing down thankful things + looking back at the gifts that God has given! Beautiful photos, btw, and have a blessed Thanksgiving! <3

    1. Also. I don't have IG, so I can't comment there, but, um, CONGRATULATIONS! *insert all of the happy heart eye and ring and confetti emojis* Many blessings to you + your man!

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