RENE [pensacola, FL]

Music majors have to stick together. I remember those freshman days – when I didn’t know anyone super well, but as the days went on, I got to people in my major REALLY well. One of them was Gwendolyn. I’m pretty sure we’re the tallest piano majors on campus, so we had an instant bond.
It’s been an awesome three years as a music major – we’re like a huge family now. Speaking of family… this January, I got the chance to meet Gwendolyn’s little sister, Rene, and do her senior pictures! We’ve been instagram and pinterest buddies for awhile. This session was so sweet and sunny – it was a gorgeous January day downtown (yeah, January… I’m FINALLY getting around to posting these!). 😉

We found the perfect sparkly window display… it said 2014! How cool is that?!

Also, she plays guitar… like a boss!

Rene, it was awesome to meet you and shoot your senior pictures!! You’re gorgeous, your laugh is infectious, and I know that God has some pretty HUGE plans for you!!



  1. Ohsopretty!… Just like usual. =)
    I'm REALLY liking the guitar photos, and the leaf shot…she is so very smiley! It must have been a joy to take these. =)

    Btw, do you mind if I pin some of your pictures? Yes? =D


  2. I'm just so inspired with each new shoot you post, Hannah. 🙂 I love these so much! I'd love if we could meet up someday. 😀

    P.S. And I WILL reply to your email. I feel terrible that you sent it in December and I stilllll haven't gotten back to you. :/

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