Tiera + Brennan, engaged [Colville, WA]

“So how did you two meet?”
“Welllll, I was actually dating someone else…”

I always crack up at those stories because usually it’s something like this couples’ story. Brennan was the annoying guy in class/turned lab partner that she swore she could “never date.”

I’ve known Tiera since we were young teenagers. We met at the fair, which is kind of where I met my husband… so, clearly, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN THERE! And a few weeks ago, I got the chance to meet that “annoying lab partner” in a coffee shop as we talked about his and Tiera’s wedding day. My, my, how time changes things!

diamond ring engagement photos

He picked out this engagement ring all by himself, which is always an impressive feat in my book.

And we got to shoot photos at a special place in their lives: Douglas Falls (a gorrrrgeous little waterfall where they’ve spent many dates/hours fishing and talking and dating and just generally being cute).

Early September wasn’t too early for some brilliant fall colors; and the colors weren’t the only exciting thing. There was a sign to say watch out for BEARS, which was thrilling and kept us on our toes the whole time. Good thing we had sensible Brennan along… (but no, we didn’t see a bear. or even a hint of a bear. just a poster.).

fall leaves, couple, spokane engagement photos spokane engagement photos colville engagement photographer spokane bride spokane, wa wedding photographer spokane wedding photographer spokane engagement photographer bridgeNot gonna lie: at first we were sketched out about the strength of this bridge. But we figured if it had held up in the weather for years and years, it could handle one more engagement session.

colville engagement session colville engagement session colville engagement session, fall, woods bear in area sign, colville woodsSee?? I wasn’t lying about the bear!!

kissing by a waterfall diamond ring, engagement session couple on bridge, engagement session couple in front of waterfallYAAASSS. Working itttt! (PS that waterfall is so very real and amazing)

forehead kiss custom ring, yellow flowers couple kissing on bridge couple kissing in front of waterfall, colville, washington washington engagement photos engagement photographyTiera + Brennan, you guys are so sweet and adventurous, I LOVED shooting engagement photos with you. I can’t wait for your February wedding!!


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