Winter Wedding Send-off Ideas

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Winter weddings are special and unique when it comes to the wedding industry!! If you’re getting married in the winter and are on the hunt for some interesting send-off ideas, here are some of my favorites from real weddings I’ve shot over the years.


The *classic* wedding exit… sparklers! But in wintertime, you don’t have to worry about starting a wildfire like you do at a summertime event!! Bonus points if you exit under twinkle lights like this couple…

PRO TIP: get at least the 22-inch sparklers; the 12-inch ones might not last long enough. If you have a TON of guests, it’ll take a lot longer to light the sparklers, so go for the 32-inch ones.


Zero mess, and perfectly safe, even for the tiniest of guest hands! Streamers are a great way to go. The shinier they are, the more they’ll catch the light of the flash.

You can even get light-up streamers; these look SO pretty!

LED Glow Wands

These glow wands are perfect year-round, not just for winter weddings!! Make sure that you’re exiting after dark to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to these exit images.


Again, perfect for any time of year… zero clean-up with bubbles, and who doesn’t love blowing bubbles?? Make sure you purchase bubbles that have enough liquid to get some good bubbles flowing.

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