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how it all started…

my photography journey

On a cross-country road trip in 2007, I picked up my family’s digital camera to shoot some photos of our time together. Somewhere in South Dakota, fifteen years ago, I fell in love with the power of photography.

Throughout my teen years, I spent countless hours learning + shooting + growing. When I shot my first wedding in 2010, I knew I had found my niche. Photography was put on hold during my college years, but once Mason and I were married, I started shooting weddings again in 2017 and I just love it.

So here I am… still shooting photos, still road tripping, and still in love with the power of photography.

You spend so much time with your photographer on your wedding day and spending time with Hannah was like spending time with a friend.
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things to know about me…

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Family + community are super important to me. My love language is quality time, so whether we spend time over coffee, climbing a mountain, or sweating through a crossfit workout, I’m there.

I’d love to adventure with you.

Want to be friends?

Picture this: hanging out with me, taking fun + adventurous photos, making new memories.

For those local to Spokane + Coeur d’Alene: I would be thrilled to grab a coffee with you and share my heart for capturing your images. If you’re not close by, let’s connect over tech and get this show on the road!!