TYLER + LOGAN [coronado, CA]

wake you up from a nice dream
to take you out for an ice cream,
spend the day on a ferris wheel by the sea
what a picture perfect way to give me your heart,
I won’t let go…
Joe Brooks // Someday

Every time I hear that song, I think of these two. Mostly I think of the times we all sat around our dorm room – me, Tyler, and Bre – and listened to this song and Tyler talked about Logan. 
I still remember the first time she told me about him… the guy that would come and talk to her while she worked at the rock wall. “Who’s Logan Harding?!” I had to look up his face in the yearbook. “I’ve never seen him before in my LIFE.” But, ohmygoodnessgracious, he’s become such a treasured friend. He’s practically a brother to me and I’m ever-so-grateful. Because no one would be as perfect for my Tyler-girl as he is.

So along came the day when Logan wasn’t just a face in the yearbook… I met him. He asked her out for the first time. I heard all about it the very night he first called her dad. I sometimes crashed their breakfast dates (only when “invited,” mind you!). I gave them a hard time. But I loved them to pieces. 

The cool thing was… I loved every second. I thought maybe I’d kinda be sad that she’d been “taken.” Because we couldn’t do as much stuff together anymore – she wasn’t precisely single, haha! And sure, there were moments of last-minute rescheduling… but overall? I was SO excited. So very. 

They were practically inseparable by his graduation in May. We’d made SO many memories and had so many laughs. Of course she’d miss him this year (he graduated one year ahead of us), but I would, too! They were MY couple. 🙂

Over the semester, Logan and I had become super good friends. We used to kind of drive each other crazy… I was a pinch too sarcastic for his laid-back self. But we both kinda loved the same person, and… well… she balanced us out. I’m so grateful for his listening ear and sound advice – he’s a man who loves Jesus and loves his woman and I’m just thrilled to pieces to see them together.  

After graduation, they flew to California to meet her family (mostly her Dad!) and make it “official.” But we’d all known it had been officially unofficial forEVER. 

So that happened. My lovely, sweet, pretty Tyler-friend had herself a man. For REALS.

I’ve just gotta take a moment to say that I am SO blessed by this girl. I’ve known her for a number of years – wow, was it really 16?! We met her family when we lived in California in the 90s. Over the next five years, we went to church together, played house together, went to the beach together, sang together, played piano together, and basically became BFFs. Considering we were young girls and it was the early 2000’s, of COURSE we were BFFs. For L. =)

My family moved away from California in 2002, and I didn’t see her, but for a quick visit in 2004, until college. We wrote postcards to each other sometimes – not that our handwriting improved much from such exercises. =)

So we wound up at the same college. In the same major.

We were roommates my freshman year, and she lived next door for the next two years. ps, I was super bummed to find out she wasn’t next door this year, too!

I’ve been through so much with this girl. So. Very. Much.

And she hasn’t changed, except to grow more awesome, more strong, and more of a woman of God. Every day. I love her to pieces. 

So, anyway… they spent that long summer apart.
And, believe me, it was a long summer. 

But! In July, Logan texted me that something was brewing. 

Oh, and if you want a hint? He also texted me pictures of rings.
Lots of pictures.

And so a few days before school started for us, Logan flew down to California to surprise his girl. And, you guessed it… make her his. Kinda forever.

And so he did. On the beach, at sunset, he sang her a song that he’d written.

Oh! Did I forget to mention? He’s a masterful guitar player and singer/songwriter. His album was always on repeat on Spotify in our room. Just sayin. 

And she said yes. And probably squealed. I wasn’t there, but knowing her… she would. =)

The AWESOME thing was… I was traveling to California to see my sister and have a weekend “off” before my last year of college… RIGHT where Tyler lived. How perfect?! yes.

So I got the privilege of shooting engagement pictures for two of my best friends in the whole world. Could that get any better? Nope.

I’m sooooo very blessed.

Words pretty much utterly and completely fail me at this point, soooo…
I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Prepare yourselves for a cuteness overload.

There. Just. Aren’t. ANY. Words.

ANNDDD to all a good night. Like, ohmystars, for serious.



  1. You, my beautiful friend, are so beautifully talented. You amazing me every. single. time.

    When/if I get a man someday will you take pictures of us?

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